Sofía Fernández Stenström

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Sofía Fernández Stenström’s work is defined by the use of photography as a memory device.

This practice dates from her first approach to photography as a family register, that evolved towards thematic representations like motherhood, affections and identity. For the artist, photography is a cathartic and therapeutic practice that allows an intimate connection and recognition of a sensitive nature between the artist, the portrayed characters and the viewer.

The femininity, the nude, and the body are recurring elements in her body of work, with the intention to express an emotive charge of intimacy through the portrayed character that merges into dreamlike environments, more than scenarios, nature and the home are presented as primitive habitats of life, as more than a mere space where the personal relationships perspire in their most organic environment. Based on the exploration of themes such as melancholy, despair, and the fragility of human relationships, the artist through her lens, seeks to invite the viewer to recognize themselves emotionally within the faces and bodies of the portrayed characters.

Sofía Fernández Stenström

(Stockholm, Sweden, 1974)

Sofía Fernández Stenström spent her childhood and adolescence between Sweden and Spain due to her parents nationalities, a condition that led her to question her roots and identity from an early age through photographic documentation. At an early age she ventured as a photography assistant in the studio of Tomás Giden, a period where she trained in photographic production and postproduction. Subsequently, she studied at the College of Distributive Trades, in London, England, where she took interest in the experimentation of various photographic resources such as digital, and instant photography.

Her artistic production stands out for its consistency, as well for addressing issues related to personal identity, mainly from the representation of women. Her photographs, predominantly black and white, are intended to operate as a timeless record of intimate and personal encounters between the portrayed characters and herself. For the artist, photography has been an instrument of self-knowledge and understanding of the other.

Throughout her career she has participated in several art exhibitions in countries such as Spain, Sweden and Italy. Her work has been published in magazines such as Vogue Italia, Lamono Magazine, MiND # 9, Jute Fashion Magazine, among others. She currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

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