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EDIT.org is the Online Graphic Editor Simplifying B2C Communications

Every business needs professional designs to communicate to their clients; from eye-catching banners to announce new products online to promotional posters and flyers, or announcements for special occasions.

These days, most business owners don’t hire a graphic designer for their day-to-day communications. Many online tools are available to simplify graphic design in a cost effective way, however most of these tools do not cater to specific needs and niches. Therefore, users end up wasting a lot of time modifying entire templates to adapt to their specific needs.

Not any more! There’s a new online graphic editor specialized in making predesigned templates for businesses, helping them to differentiate from other firms. Today we present EDIT.org.

What is EDIT.org and why is it different?

EDIT.org is a free graphic design platform with more than 20.000 customizable templates oriented to small firms such as restaurants, gyms, all types of stores, sports clubs, startups, just to name a few.

The company, based in Barcelona since 2017, aims to make the design process easy and affordable to everyone by providing users with all the tools they need to make their own designs in just a few minutes. Unlike other platforms, the EDIT.org creative team has thought about each and every need your business may have in order to create a graphic solution readily available.

As a marketing specialist or community manager, you only have to modify the templates by inserting your images, information, logo, and corporate colors, download and print it, or share it online. It’s as straightforward as editing a Word document, but with better results.

Let’s look at some examples

Restaurant owners will discover unique menu templates for daily specials or annual celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Saint Patrick’s. You can also find designs to give your restaurant a personal touch and personality; templates for the kid’s menu, drinks menu, or menus for special dietary needs.

This year, EDIT.org stood out from the graphic design crowd, winning the first prize from SeedRocket for their  Coronavirus signs and posters.

online graphic editor design templatesRight after the pandemic started, EDIT.org's team identified the need for companies to notify and warn their customers and workers about the new hygienic protocols and recommendations they must follow, for which they created thousands of templates. The result? Many local as well as international companies used EDIT.org's posters for their new maximum capacity requirements, hygiene and safety instructions as well as banners to thank people for working in the sanitary field.

Furthermore, you can find templates for sporting events, promotions adapted to digital signage format, business cards templates, gift vouchers, giveaways and many, many more.

The EDIT.org team is constantly analyzing business communication needs in order to design new templates for businesses worldwide.

Details about the platform use

The platform is easy and intuitive to use. Here the 5 basic steps:

  1. Select a template to modify.
  2. Edit the template in a few clicks, inserting all the elements needed: corporate colors, logo, images and specific information.
  3. Save the composition.
  4. Download the file in JPG, PNG or PDF
  5. Share it in a social media post, post it on your website or print it.

For additional advice and recommendations, EDIT.org creates articles with tips, ideas, and recommendations to get the most out of the editor. Check out the blog here.

Creating an account is simple. Register with your email and click on the link sent. In case you need to use the editor frequently, the Premium account allows you to have twice the number of designs, more font types, branded packs for firms with the same style pattern, and extra storage capacity (5GB instead of 100MB) at an affordable price.

One month of premium for free

The world of design is finally available for everyone! Try the EDIT.org online graphic editor and see how its templates are more adapted and more suitable to your company’s activity and needs.

A special offer for FrikiFish readers: click here to get one month of premium access to EDIT.org for free. 


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