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Creative Summer Workshops at TMDC

If your holiday plans were cancelled this summer and you're in Barcelona with free time and inspiration to create—you're in luck! Casal d'Estiu at TMDC offers an outstanding program of creative summer workshops. (Workshops are offered in Castilian/Catalan).

What is TMDC?

TMDC (Workshop for the Materialization and Development of (big) Concepts) is a space for those who venture into manufacturing processes. For lovers of the tangible and tools. For those who want to transform ideas and concepts into material experiences that satisfy curious users. For those who want to manufacture locally.

What is Casal d'Estiu?

During the months of July and August the TMDC will offer the first Casal d'Estiu with a series of workshops under the concept of self-sufficiency. A topic they will address from different perspectives, such as: habitat, body, food and objects. Perspectives that are different but interdependent.

Self-sufficiency concept

At TMDC we have been wanting to venture beyond just tools and machinery for some time. We want to reflect on the social and ecological impact of of manufacturing and designing processes. To achieve this, we're collaborating with curator Cristina Noguer to create the theoretical framework for the content of this Casal d'Estiu.

The period of isolation that we have all lived through left us with feelings of collapse, change and also hope. This pause allowed us to meditate and reflect. It helped us understand the importance of community and proximity. It allowed us to become aware of how, where and with whom we live. It inevitably makes us question a system based on the economy of global markets and that does not have health and well-being at its center.

We know there are other ways to work, but we don't have the formulas yet. Surely there is not "one" formula, but many that intertwine and interconnect. During these workshops we want to share visions that draw possible futures based on health, abundance and the absolute connection with nature. A place of reflection and exchange, where we can generate ideas for self-sufficiency and put them into practice. A space where we celebrate the interconnection with everything.

Three areas of exploration

Furniture and mobility
We will learn techniques from carpentry to robotics, in order to manufacture what we need, when we need it.

Habitat and ecosystem
We will learn techniques and tools, we will build the space, we will investigate wild and microscopic food, and we will open our material ideas for an ecologically coherent present.

Body and thought
We will work through movement, ritual, food, talks and presentations.

Bringing it all together

We are aware of the complexity of the subject matter and we want to approach it from many angles. That is why we have invited cooks, manufacturers, academics, activists, and other neighbors who want to co-create new formulas. We are creating a safe space to speculate together, imagine, discuss, speak, learn, teach, question, design, and manufacture what surrounds us. Shaping our daily life and our consumption habits.

We have the opportunity to come together and decide what the “new normal” will be like before it is formalized. We propose to do it through a series of actions, each with its times, content and format: a talk, reading, a walk, making something or eating together. Yes, eating together and sharing a table, a place is created to debate, explore and share different possibilities of existing.

It will be a space where we will combine new practices and ancestral knowledge, in order to explore joint visions in a moment that is already historical.

Dates & info

July 13th to August 21st. See the full calendar here.

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