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New Online Magazine Dedicated to Art and Creativity in Barcelona

Hello and welcome to the new online magazine dedicated to art and creativity in Barcelona. If you’re interested in supporting the arts, expressing yourself creatively, and appreciating other’s creative expression then I hope you’ll visit often. Let me tell you a bit more about how all of this came to be.

My creative cocktail

Hello, I’m Amelia. I’m a bit of a dabbler— interested in everything—expert at nothing. As long as I can remember I have been picking up new crafts and interests. My first love and favorite craft is pottery, which I started at the age of seven in Portland, Oregon. From there, I’ve played with ceramic sculpture, mosaics, painting, jewelry making, photography, gardening, cooking, yoga, graphic design, up-cycling old furniture, and more recently, writing. That’s a lot to fit in, so I decided it was time to create a new project involving as many interests as I can squeeze in.

FrikiFish is a labor of love—a way for me to share stories, images and artwork and an open invitation for others to do the same.

What is it with Barcelona?

Diversity, bravado, acceptance, collaboration and creative freedom are key ingredients to any great society and I think Barcelona has it all. I chose this city as my home in 2004 and I continue to love her as she struggles to maintain a unique identity in the face of massification.

What is a Friki Fish?

Noun  /ˈfɾiki/  (plural frikis)
Borrowed from English freaky.

Spanish word that defines: freak, weirdo, geek, nerd, guru, otaku, mangaka, comic liker, book reader, videogame player, film lover and any other person whose likings are not cars, chicks and soccer. You may only like movies, but as a “friki” you like all the other stuff, look weird or act clumsy.

– Taken from “The Urban Dictionary
Noun /ˈfish/ (plural fish or fishes) fellow, person
an odd fish” – Taken from Merriam Webster Dictionary

I created FrikiFish with a vision of sharing the immensely creative and diverse talent of the people who live here.  I believe that creative skills come from the adventurous, freaky side in us all.

My dream is for the site to become an online hub for the local and expat artist community, creatives and makers sharing their artwork, products and services, as well as for visitors who are interested in the art and creativity in Barcelona. FrikiFish is a place to find fun events and local artwork.

If you’re interested in contributing or collaborating please feel free to get in touch!

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