the war of art book review

The War of Art: Resisting Resistance

'I want to explore my creative urges and earn a living making art'

So why have I always convinced myself that making a living as an artist is not possible?

'I want to meditate and practice yoga every day'

Why can’t I carve out even an hour of my day to make this my reality?

What keeps so many of us from doing what we long to do?

Steven Pressfield's book, The War of Art, explains how resistance stands between us and every important thing that we want to do.

Resistance is a cruel trick the universe is playing on us.  It's that inner voice filled with doubt and procrastination. Resistance is the fear that rises up any time there’s something really worth doing. Resistance cripples our lives, causing illness and fatigue. This is because resistance stops our inner genius from developing. To yield to resistance deforms our spirit and makes us less than what we are born to be. Unless we recognize it and do something about it, it will hinder our growth.

Recognizing the enemy within

Sometimes, facing hardship and death gives people the drive to overcome resistance. It’s that feeling of regret when one wishes they had done something different with their life.

Creatives get this feeling when they’ve spent too many years in a job that they hate. Or when they see their idea for a book published by someone else. That pain sometimes causes enough determination to overcome resistance.

But it’s really just about recognizing the resistance when it shows its ugly face. Once you recognize it, you can push yourself through it.

The The War of Art teaches us how to overcome the obstacles of ambition before it's too late. Resistance is self generated an self perpetuated. It’s the enemy within. Learning how to ignore or control one’s own enemy is the secret to doing the work you were born to do.

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