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Poetry in Art and Design

A collaborative adventure between interior designer Monica Potvin and artist Gabriel Pereyra.

Gabriel Pereyra is a geometrical artist with whom I collaborate on interior design projects, window displays and art exhibitions. We play around with concepts, textures and shapes.

designer Monica Potvin and artist Gabriel Pereyra
Open Gallery Gabriel Pereyra

For the window displays we often experiment with raw materials such as earth, cement, glass combined with Gabriel’s artwork and design elements like custom lamps or tables. We both work with second hand vintage materials marking the passage of time.

artistic window display barcelona


Gabriel defines his work as poetry with no BEGINNING, MIDDLE or END. A visual experience within the lines, forms, colors. Combinations of geometric forms  transcending like poetry. An aesthetic experience without logic or reason.

As an interior designer I am often looking for a more tactile plasticity on a subtle level in working with materials and concepts. This collaboration allows me space to explore and access other points of reference through art and natural elements.


art and design barcelona


You can view a solo exhibition of Gabriel’s work until April 18th at Frames & Co at Passatge de Sant Benet 6, 08003 Barcelona.

Follow us on Instagram: @gabrielpereyrart  and @fabriquebcn

By Monica Potvin

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