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The One Wall Project by Amuleto Gallery

On Saturday February 22nd, The One Wall project inaugurated its premiere exhibition ‘Who is interested in what?’ in the Poblenou district of Barcelona

‘I was interested in THIS. I have never been to an exhibition like it and it worked. I entered through a garage space in an old factory, where signs led upstairs to the show: a converted spacious bedroom with a chair, a mirror, a desk, some excellent books, and one wall, one wall only, covered in art.

One Wall project explored the potential of a single wall in an unusual space. Who are we when we see art? Does it depend on where we see the art?

The simplicity of the setting invited me to really look at the artwork. In a standard gallery space, I tend to slide from one wall to the next glancing at the artwork, spending a little longer with some pieces, until I have slid out of the exit having consumed it all.

One Wall invited me to break from my usual patterns. The art was all displayed on a tilt, so I tilted my head in curiosity and playfulness to investigate it. The pieces were all works on paper by artists Blanche Ellis, Josephine Henning, and Ame Blau. They weaved together beautifully and seemed to function as one. It was as though the wall itself was now the frame, framing this new collaborative piece that is the dialogue between these smaller pieces.

There were many bodies and many possibilities: sensual bodies, sexual bodies, aging bodies, youthful bodies, playful bodies, moving bodies, resting bodies. There’s something for everybody to be interested in when you really look. My eyes dancing around the wall, following the contours of Ame Henning’s evocative line drawings, through Josephine Henning’s energetic colors, to Blanche Ellis’ subtle brushwork combined with playful marks and collage.

Taking time for a deeper look seems so necessary these days – we are constantly bombarded with information and images are everywhere. The simplicity of the One Wall project opened a space for this and I engaged with the artwork more richly than I have in a long time.

There was a beautiful sense of community, the intimate space encouraged people to be relaxed and interact with each other. While I was there, I saw a panel discussion led by a writer Sharon Borgstrom, in which Blanche Ellis, the participating artist, shared some beautiful insights into her creative process, Lucía Andreacchio, the guest curator, described piecing together the show, and Majka Tkacikova and Valentino Caruso told us more about their gallery, Amuleto.

One Wall is an exciting new project by Amuleto Gallery. Amuleto brings attention to fresh emerging artists, encouraging people to be moved by art, implement it in their life and experience it. I am excited to see the One Wall project travel and change, as it finds new walls, news artists and new spectators to share this experience with.’

By Eloise Gillow
Final term student at Barcelona Academy of Art. Painter, Professor and Art Theorist.

The show ‘Who is interested in what?’ is displayed in a private location, Poblenou, Barcelona. To learn more write to



Exhibition Catalogue

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