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Never A Better Time To Explore Creative Online Classes

It’s 2020 and we’re all spending a lot of time out of our normal routines and inside our homes. One of the many ways that we can use this time wisely is by honing creative skills and exploring new opportunities with creative online classes.

These days you can learn just about anything online. From the DYI videos on Youtube to earning a university degree online, virtual education is opening up a vast array of learning opportunities. Today I want to focus on the creative online classes offered at Skillshare. (This article contains affiliate links.)

Get started, expand and diversify

There are all kinds of classes for artists and designers just starting out. Or, if you’re already a professional artist, creative or crafts(wo)man, you will find classes to broaden and hone your skills. Watching other professional creatives at work can open our eyes to something we were missing or something we can do differently.

If you already have your personal style or technique established in a creative career, try searching for classes that teach skills or activities related to your work, such as: trend watching, product photography, photo editing, Instagram success and other social media strategies, just to name a few!

Learn creative and entrepreneurial skills

If you want to learn how to be more creative in your current job, or if you dream of starting your own business, Skillshare is an excellent resource.

The classes are broken up into small chapters, making the classes easy to navigate. You can easily skip the chapters you’re not interested (unlike Youtube videos) in or take a break and come right back to where you left off.

You can practice in real-time in the privacy of your own home. Exploring your creative talents can be intimidating for many of us. By taking your initial classes online you can get the fundamentals down and practice as much as you want before joining classes or workshops in-person.

Plus, you can explore as many topics as you like! At Skillshare you can learn to:

Creative Writing
Film & Video
Fine Art
Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
Web Development

Business Analytics
Freelance & Entrepreneurship
Leadership & Management
Work from Home

Interior Design
Sustainable Living

Get the first 2 weeks free!

Skillshare offers premium access of their creative online classes for two weeks before you need to pay for membership.

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