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textile exhibition

Thru me – Textile Exhibition

A duo show of amazing and original textile art. A combination of fabric, threads and paint weaving thru you with a cutting edge. Textile art is a master of future thinking with historical technics and roots.

Welcome to the opening reception at NoHoHouse Barcelona on Thursday the 25th of January, 18-21h or during any of the exhibition’s open days between 25th Jan and 15th Feb!

About the artists


Åsa Weiland

Åsa Weiland, born in 1967, uniquely bridges the gap between traditional embroidery and contemporary narratives. Her mastery of using cross-stitch and petit points on Aida fabric brings modern events and motifs to life, seamlessly integrating them into an art form traditionally rooted in history. Her artistic journey began with traditional family Christmas cloths, but quickly evolved into creating profound art pieces. Her work delves into political, historical, and cultural themes, featuring evocative portraits of eminent personalities from music, film, and literature. Each stitch in Weiland’s work contributes to both visual softness and a powerful message, exemplifying her subtle activism and profound grasp of color and form.
Originating from Malmö and currently residing in Oslo, Weiland’s dual life as an artist and a transplant nurse not only showcases her diverse talents but also her deep-seated dedication to societal welfare.

Åsa loves the contrast between the classic style, with women associated with the embroidery technique, and cheeky words and expressions or revolting unforgettable historical events.

Daria Tikhomirova

Born in 1990 in Blagoveshchensk, Russia, into an artistic lineage, Daria Tikhomirova now flourishes in Barcelona since 2021, creating exquisite silk accessories, each originating from her unique hand-painted silk art. Her artistic journey is deeply rooted in her family, especially under the guardianship of her father, Alexander Tikhomirov, a People’s Artist of Russia, and influenced by her grandfather, Evgeny Tikhomirov. “My father is my first and most important teacher in life; he also taught me to express individuality in art and in life”.

Her work achieved international recognition, notably with her silk painting “Yin and Yang” exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Français in 2017 and later sold at a Paris charity auction. Her solo show in Beijing in 2023 further secured her status, with two of her artworks becoming part of The Beijing Exhibition Center’s permanent collection. Daria’s creations are displayed in various prestigious locations, including the Alexander Tikhomirov Memorial Museum and the Sochi Autosport Museum.

Central to Daria’s art is silk, chosen for its beauty and fragility, mirroring life’s delicate balance. For her, silk painting is not just an art form but a metaphor for life’s precision and care. It requires immense patience, often taking up to 100 hours for a single piece, yet it’s a process she finds meditative and fulfilling.

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25 Jan 2024 - 15 Feb 2024


10:00 am - 8:00 pm


NoHo House
C/ CORSEGA 224 08036 BCN

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