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reflection of intent group exhibition

Reflection of Intent – Group Exhibition

A group show featuring Amanda Mendiant, Jenny Larsson, and Maria C Bernhardsson

Immerse yourself in REFLECTION OF INTENT, a showcase of three distinguished Swedish artists. Each, in their unique style, captures and reflects upon personal experiences with profound intention.

Experience their collective narrative from September 13th to October 4th, with a grand opening from 18h to 21h on Wednesday the 13th.

More information at NoHo House Barcelona.

Three Artists

Amanda Mendiant

Step into the vivid world of Amanda Mendiant, a Paris-born artist of Swedish and French heritage, whose life oscillates between the cold Arctic North of Sweden and the romantic charm of a Parisian “pied-a-terre.”

Amanda’s relationship with art, particularly painting and illustration, started from the time she could hold a brush. With a unique fusion of French femininity, Nordic angularity, and powerful presence, she’s recognised for her striking portraits of women over the last 25 years, reflecting a constant exploration of gender dynamics.

In the mid-1990s, armed with a degree from Arts & Crafts school and Illustration & Design from Berghs Stockholm, Amanda embarked on an adventure into the skateboard business. This phase of her life left a significant influence on her early works, connecting her artistic identity with the vibrant subculture of the ’90s.

Today, Amanda’s art continues to resonate with themes of connection, with portraits and bodies softly intertwining in larger colourful compositions, rooted in the sub-culture she grew up in. As a former dancer, Amanda sees bodies as tools of expression and landscapes, evolving in harmony with her own life. Her compositions, often marked by fundamental lines, details, and contrasts, continually nourish her ever-evolving work. They serve as a potent reminder of what the body is capable of, and the profound healing process embedded in “working with your hands.”

Jenny Larsson

Embark into the world of Jenny Larsson, an artist whose life is painted with memories of expressive faces, intriguing gestures, and captivating stories.

Jenny’s journey with art began when she was three years old, sketching detailed human figures and assigning them vivid lives and narratives. From this young age Jenny meticulously captured every detail in her drawings, however as time went on, her work became more abstract, often spotlighting a single eye or half a mouth, still encapsulating the essence of her subject. Anecdotes from her childhood, like her making hundreds of drawings of families complete with stories and connections, reflect her innate fascination with human connections and expressions.

Today, inspired by her daily observations, Jenny continues to tell stories through her art, translating the myriad of impressions she absorbs into exquisite works. It’s in the café corners and bustling streets that she crafts tales about strangers, penning narratives that come alive on canvas. These depictions, a blend of the observed and imagined, mirror the creativity that explodes within her mind. Every piece is a message, a story – her philosophy deeply etched into her very being: “Make art every day.”

In this exhibition, amidst the other vibrant stories, stands Jenny’s self-portrait, ‘Miss Larsson.’ Alongside her, you’ll find ‘Mr. Larsson,’ both brimming with tales of their own. Jenny believes in the power of expression in every form, whether it’s a subtle gesture or a bold painting. She sees it as an exploration of self and a celebration of life.

Maria C Bernhardsson

Enter the colourful world of Maria C Bernhardsson, an artist who seeks inspiration from architecture across the world, transforming it into a vivid playground on her canvas.

Throughout her travels she captures the essence of buildings through photography and sketches, that later lay the foundation for her imaginative interpretations.

Her work plays with a vast spectrum of hues, from soft pastels and neutrals to vibrant and bold palettes. She herself describes that “The colorway is very important to me when I paint. I love to combine as many colors as possible at the same time”.

Through a meticulous and immersive process of careful layering, Maria ensures that each painting is a voyage in itself. She creates an illusion of depth, allowing shapes and figures to emerge delicately, allowing each look to reveal something new to the viewer.

In her art she captures the essence of her inspirations, while infusing them with her unique artistic vision, creating an immersive experience that invites us into a world where architectural forms blend with imagination.

Maria has exhibited in illustrious cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Zurich, and Copenhagen.


13 Sep 2023 - 04 Oct 2023


NoHo House
C/ CORSEGA 224 08036 BCN

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