artisan gifts at the creators market

Online Holiday Market for Local Artisan Gifts

Most people will be buying gifts from the comfort of their living room this year—no browsing busy Christmas Markets or perusing daunting shopping malls. The global pandemic means shoppers are going online and luckily, so are the artists and small shops!

Conscientious customers who want to support small, local shops can still do so without making an appointment or waiting in long lines. Just look for your favorite markets online. Most of them have prepared new creative solutions for this year’s holiday season.

New to the scene is The Creator’s Market. After the successful first edition last year, founder and local artist Aina Oset decided to call on her creative comrades to co-create 2020’s online edition.

Aina explains, “Our aim is to gather an amazing offer from creators, artisans & entrepreneurs in Catalunya. With this collection we wish to inspire people to make conscious choices while acquiring products and services.”

We’re living in challenging times on a changing planet

The current world situation has highlighted the fact that we need new sustainable solutions for our way of living and consuming. That means it’s an exciting time for creators and craftspeople!

By supporting local creators, small businesses and entrepreneurs you are directly supporting the growth and development of your closest environment—individuals, families, projects—and therefore nurturing your community. And community is the key to a resilient and sustainable future!

Thank you for buying artisan gifts and for supporting our local economy. Lets create a bright, sustainable and supportive future together!



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