art meets apolo

Art Meets Apolo

Apolo has kicked off its latest venture, “Art Meets Apolo,” a vibrant exhibition project that explores the dynamic relationship between club culture and art through the eyes of diverse local artists.

In a world where art galleries and clubs often seem like two different planets, Apolo is breaking barriers by showcasing how these seemingly opposite worlds can collide in spectacular fashion. While galleries offer quiet reflection, clubs pulse with life and energy. Yet, both serve as platforms for self-expression, creating unforgettable experiences for both creators and audiences.

Recognizing the intriguing overlap between clubbing and the art scene, Apolo welcomes artists from various disciplines, from established names to rising stars, all with a focus on representing the local talent pool.

Throughout 2023, Apolo has featured works by Pedro Torres, Mónica Rikić, Jordi Gispert i Pi, Fito Conesa, and Ada Morales & Carla Puig. Their creations have graced the venue, providing concert and clubgoers with a unique visual feast alongside their usual auditory delights.

To bring this ambitious project to life, Apolo has teamed up with LAB 36 gallery, Galería Senda’s parallel project, and cultural agency Screen Projects (LOOP Barcelona). This collaboration aims to amplify the impact of “Art Meets Apolo,” uniting artists, audiences, and cultural practices for the benefit of the local community.

Among the standout works on display is “ACCUMBENS” by Pedro Torres. Through moving images and site-responsive elements, Torres explores concepts of time, memory, and language, offering visitors a journey into the depths of human consciousness.

Meanwhile, Mónica Rikić’s “PSYCHOFLAGE” transforms the space with interactive electronic modules, creating a psychedelic playground of light and sound. Jordi Gispert Pi’s “APOLO PARADÍS ARTIFICIAL” invites viewers to ponder the delicate balance between nature and technology, while Fito Conesa’s “La Fito. Cantar como una cura posible” pays homage to Barcelona’s rich cultural history through sound reinterpretations.

Lastly, Ada Morales and Carla Puig, known collectively as “A C,” immerse visitors in atmospheric phenomena with their light and installation work, offering a glimpse into a utopian world within the confines of Apolo.

Art Meets Apolo is more than just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and community, proving that when art and culture collide, magic happens.

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