Ceramic Goddess Sculpture

This original ceramic Goddess Sculpture conveys the strength and complexity of the feminine. The female goddess possesses virtues such as beauty, love, motherhood and fertility.

This is a small sculptural piece to hang on the wall. Handmade with stoneware clay. Bisque fired and decorated with iron oxide. Final high firing at 1250°C.

Approximate dimensions: 28 x 13 x 1.5 cm.

Price: 110€

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Handmade in Barcelona, Spain. All orders ship directly from private artists or art studios. Pickup is always welcome.

Ceramic Goddess Sculpture to hang on the wall. Handmade with stoneware clay.

About the Artist

Amelia Johannsen is a ceramics artist from Portland OR, currently living and working in Barcelona. Her artwork is inspired by nature and sustainable living. All of Amelia’s pieces are unique, made-by-hand from start to finish, and never mass-produced. She uses a variety of materials and methods, including wheel-throwing, hand-building, sculpture and mosaic.