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As you may know, ceramic art and pottery have seen a huge surge in recent years. Even just a decade ago, ceramic arts and crafts were hard to find—a forgotten art form—and large community studios didn't exist in Barcelona. Luckily, that's not the case today!

Hi, I'm Amelia, the Founder of FrikiFish and a long-time potter and ceramic artist. I couldn't be more thrilled that ceramics has seen such a big comeback in recent years. I believe that the booming maker movement and appreciation for unique, handmade objects are what's needed for a healthy creative society and for the planet.

I created FrikiFish to help the international community of makers, crafters and artists navigate the products and services offered in Barcelona.

Today, there are many options to discover ceramics and  learn pottery in Barcelona, with new studios opening their doors every year. If you're interested in taking class or workshop, studying ceramics professionally, or finding studio space in Barcelona, fill in the form below and I'm happy to help with advice or suggestions.

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