Pottery in Barcelona

As a long-time potter, I couldn't be more thrilled that the ancient art of ceramics is coming back into fashion. This boom is just one of the many facets of the maker movement and a newfound appreciation for unique, handmade objects. Objects with history and meaning.

Plus, the process of making pottery is very relaxing and healing. Pottery connects us to the earth. One of my favorite moments of the day is getting my hands into the mud and feeling grounded in the simple sensation of working with earth and water.

Clay provides limitless possibilities

The world of ceramics is diverse! There literally limitless learning opportunities from making your own clay and glazes to making your own kilns. You can produce ceramics in plaster molds, sculpt or throw a pot on the wheel. These days, you can even create your ceramic pieces with 3D printing.

It's up to you how are down the rabbit hole you want to go. You can also decide to just make some pots on the weekends, but I warn you - it gets addictive!

Discover Pottery in Barcelona

There are many options for ceramics and pottery classes in Barcelona, with new studios opening their doors every year.

If you're interested in taking class or workshop, studying ceramics professionally, or finding studio space in Barcelona, let us know what you're looking for in the form below. We're happy to help.

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