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InArtist Events

InArtist Events: Creative Minds Sharing in Barcelona

If you're interested in art, culture and creativity in Barcelona, you should check out the monthly InArtist Events!

The InArtist platform launched in 2018 as a vibrant new community for artists to share their stories, projects, expositions and more. The site is free for all to use and they encourage creative minds from all walks of life to participate by sharing their experiences.

InArtist Events

While the InArtist platform is a global community, Founder Paolo Savio is based in Barcelona, therefore our city has the special privilege to be the first to host monthly InArtist events to support local creatives and makers. These events take place in different venues across town. They’re organized to help artists and art lovers network with like-minded people and share their experiences and current projects.

Drinks and snacks are served and all the InArtist events thus far have included live performances. The cost to attend is 6 Euros if you get the early bird tickets. To learn more about their upcoming events, sign up on their website and you can follow InArtist on Facebook. Or if you’re an artist interested in sharing your project, get in touch!

To get an idea of what the InArtist events are all about, here is a short video summary from their Spring event.

More InArtist events are being organized in European cities such as Lisbon and Rome, so stay tuned for more.

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