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Passages Pop-up Show by Zane Prater


: a way of exit or entrance : a road, path, channel, or course by which something passes : the action of moving from one place, condition, or state into another.

Friday, the 30th of October is the inauguration of PASSAGES, an exhibition by Zane Prater in collaboration with B-MURALS. The show consists of a collection of drawings and paintings made during the chaotic course of 2020. This body of work reflects upon the process of transition, of change, of moving out of one state of being and entering into another.

This year has brought about an abrupt and deep state of reflection to many of us. Collectively, we stand upon the threshold of uncertainty, on the cusp between business as usual and a vast expanse of unfamiliar terrain, hesitant to leap forward but unable to turn back. This exhibition is the result of a personal process of reflection and projection, the culmination of a turbulent year of reevaluation and re-contextualization.

The show opens on Friday the 30th of Oct. from 6-9 pm at C/ Ferran Turné 11 and will stay up until Sunday the 8th of Nov. Throughout the week there will be a handful of events in order to offer everyone a chance to come out and participate comfortably. Zane Prater will be present in the gallery during the day for anyone who wants to stop by for a chat.

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