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Somewhere to Swim

KhaOs is proud to announce the 4th story of KhaOs, the new exhibition "Somewhere to Swim," which will be held at its art space of Montjuïc from September 15th until December 31st, 2021. The collection features Russian artist Anna Dobrovolskaya-Mints’ bare pools photographs, with an original staging with Barcelona-based artist Agustina Ros.

Story #4 is about the symbolism of the scars of the lockdown, emptiness, and the movement of water captured, frozen in space and time. An allegory of a world paused contrasting perpetual motion where Anna Dobrovolskaya-Mints’ eerie photographs of bare pools.

Featured Artists

Anna Dobrovolskaya-Mints
Photographer and contemporary artist, Anna Dobrovolskaya-Mints visited numerous British hotels during spring 2020 lockdown but all she found were lone receptionists, fences and endless emptiness. Anna’s photographs of swimming pools are symbols of an industry collapsed and inevitable decay. "When the pandemic first hit, we thought, ‘it will be over soon’ but, as one-by-one the countries of the world closed their doors, we became prisoners.
Freedom has been replaced by fear and immobility." says the London based artist. (Featured in The Telegraph)

Agustina Ros
Born in Argentina and based in Barcelona, Agustina Ros makes each piece unique through the art of blown glass, seeking to combine the sensitivity of art and the resolution of design. To generate textures, she employs coldworking techniques such as engraving and faceting. Inspired by the ways in which the past formed the present and defines the future, Ros creates contemporary jewelry and unique pieces of art and design that are minimal, simple yet complex. "My jewelry is forged by collections that represent a concept, inspired in my native land, Misiones-Argentina." says the artist. (Featured in MAD - Museum of Art and Design)


The KhaOs is the meeting of space and poetry, the right measure to find a place for what is beautiful, what is right,
what is fragile in today’s world. “The work of art is useless; it is therefore essential.”
We are story-tellers, "We are not a gallery." Kiama says. Each exhibition is a tailor-made story and collection through remarkable works and creations, with extraordinary people: Nomadic, curious, and bold.


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