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ME LATA Street Art Exhibition

November 28, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Me Lata Street Art Exhibition

ME LATA presents their first street art exhibition: “Como decirte otra vez te quiero”.

Surely walking through the Raval district of Barcelona you have met with phrases written on cans and hung with style on the wall and you ask yourself, who did that? Those responsible are ME LA-TA, a pseudonym for a street artist couple.

Messages of love, hope and enthusiasm

For years, they have used their original work to bring positive energy to the neighborhood and anyone who crosses their work.

The messages are drawn using different types of cans and then are hung in an improvised way. They place their work both during the day and under the cover of night, always fast and discreetly, to maintain the independent and transgressive nature of their work. In a singular work of recycling, using all kinds of cans to give new life to the old and used, painting them with a brush, spray-paint, marker and even their fingers. Initially, they used beverage cans, but now they incorporate all varieties of tin containers.

ME LATA likes to work with music, a soundtrack that they will share with the public who visits the exhibition. “Como decirte otra vez te quiero” reviews the extraordinary evolution of the couple, in which large-scale works, installations and sculptures show the talent and creativity of these artists who have made the street their museum.


Galeria Artevistas
Passatge del Crédit, 4
Barcelona, 08002 Spain
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