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LOOP Festival 2021

Through a wide range of exhibitions, screenings and performances all over the city of Barcelona from November 9 to 21, this year’s edition of the Festival will explore the potential of the body as a tool for communication and self-representation, and as a catalyst for collective change. 

The title is a reference to Daniel Pennac’s novel Journal d’un corps (2012). By advocating for the literary genre of the diary, the author tells the life story of the protagonist through the perspective of their sentient body, celebrating it as the ever-changing mirror of one’s being in the world.

An ever growing network of collaborators

Every year, the festival’s programme is put together thanks to the engagement of an ever growing community of artists, curators and museum directors. This edition sees the participation of many practitioners living and working in Barcelona, or that have developed a strong relationship with the city.

To enrich the festival’s programming, under the general coordination of Victoria Sacco, the LOOP City Screen will then showcase a variety of moving image proposals throughout the circuit of the city’s commercial galleries and alternative spaces.

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