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Llum BCN 2022

Barcelona has invited the most outstanding international creators to team up with its own best artists to turn Poblenou into an urban laboratory that will challenge our senses and mark future trends in the world of art, design, urban lighting and citizen participation.

Llum BCN is a large-scale laboratory of the nocturnal landscape, featuring artists with long-standing careers on the international scene. These creative explorers will shine together for three straight nights, combining their respective backgrounds in art, lighting design, interactive environment design, architecture, enhanced media experiences and live performance art. Beyond its festive nature, and in addition to being a spectacular transient show, Llum BCN is meant to be a chance to ask questions, to challenge our preconceived notions of what urban space can be and to create new models of participation and social interaction in public spaces.

Come along and get a feel of the transformational power of light.

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