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B-Local Collective Exhibition

This weekend is the inauguration of the expo with more local artists in the history of Barcelona!

With a diversity of styles and pictorial techniques, the exhibition is curated by Ana Manaia and Xavier Ballaz.

Opening: Weekend of 13th/14th/15th of November from 11am to 8pm.
Visits by reservation: hola@bmurals.com

The 'B-Local' exhibition brings together 80 artists who are part of the urban art scene in Barcelona

'B - L O C A L' is a meeting place for many of the artists that make up the urban art scene in Barcelona. Showing an unparalleled number of local artists, B - L O C A L is an affirmative proposal, an action that rebels against the times we live of social and cultural confinement.

B - L O C A L brings together 80 artists in a line-up in which a diversity of styles, stories, techniques abound, all adding up in a geographical drawing that allows us to understand local mural art. Most of the works present were carried out in the context of the pandemic, during or after the period of absolute confinement.

'B - L O C A L' is the collective exhibition linked to “B-MARKET”, the independent art fair proposed by B-MURALS to support local artists (date to be determined).

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