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Artistic Protest #2 in Solidarity with Pablo Hasél

On Sunday February 21st Barcelona's artists will take to the streets with their creative tools once again in an artistic protest to reiterate their determination not to be intimidated by censorship.

Faced with the inadmissible attack on freedom of expression that was inflicted on rapper Pablo Hasél, a group of artists convened last Sunday February 7th, in an action of solidarity for freedom of speech. Learn more about last Sunday'sevent here.

Less than twenty-four hours after completing the artistic-protest paintings, a BCNeta brigade, escorted by a Barcelona Urban Guard van, censored one of the works, completely covering it with paint. The erased work made explicit reference to the King Emeritus and branded him, among other things, a thief. Thus, the city administration carried out a new act of censorship on the artists, making the protest and denunciation of the lack of freedom of expression even more evident and necessary. They added a new case to the already too long, outrageous and constant violation of our rights and freedoms as creators and, consequently, of the whole of society.

The artists explain, "After suffering censorship of our art in solidarity with Pablo Hasél, we cannot, nor do we want to, sit idly by. This situation prompts us to make a louder cry against censorship, repression and the null political will once the electoral campaign is over.

While La Falange proclaims fascist and anti-Semitic slogans with total impunity in Madrid, the police entered the University of Lleida to imprison Pablo Hasél, to suppress dissent, censor the truth and remind us of the darker times in our history.

For this reason, on Sunday February 21 we will take to the streets again, with our creative tools, to make clear our determination not to be intimidated by censorship and to demand the freedom of Pablo Hasél.

We return to the streets, we invite everyone to join our call, to replicate it in every neighborhood and town in the territory to defend the freedom of Pablo Hasél, which is also to defend our freedoms. Because we will not allow anyone to coerce us or tell us that or when we can paint, sing and express ourselves.

Today is Pablo Hasél, tomorrow it could be any of us."

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