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Gallery Ex Machina presents: “Anachronic Deities”

The new exhibition at Gallery Ex Machina, called “Anachronic Deities”, is an opportunity to submerge in the unknown world of an ancient civilization, created by the flourishing Spanish artist, Tomás Barceló Castela.

The exhibition consists of fantastic sculptures made with resin, metal, and recycled objects; a collection of mysterious icons seemingly flung to our present day from an undetermined and unfamiliar timeline in history. Barcelo’s creations are exceptional portraits arising from his imagination that invites us to experience the glimpse and freedom of the unknown.

Strangely clashing with the chronological time they find themselves in, the figures emanate an untold wisdom from a sacred universe, conjuring up images of enigmatic time travellers that jump from era to era, world to world, with a purpose we do not understand, bringing with them icons of their apocalyptic divinities. Or perhaps, these creations depict a group of prophets from another era, the last remnants of a lost civilization waiting to be rediscovered.

With piercing eyes, intricately detailed features, and striking bursts of color, these unique deities look like fantasy characters from science fiction novels, always in an oddly expressionless state that radiate a calming neutrality with a different language.

Experience the mysterious chronological inconsistencies of the fantastical in this playful exhibition that is sure to intrigue your mind and get your imagination racing.

The exhibition will be open from the 18th of August until October the 3rd 2020 at Gallery Ex Machina.

Tomàs Barceló (Mallorca 1975) has been a sculptor long before he knew he was one. As a child he enjoyed drawing, building with legos, and playing with play dough. In his adolescent time he decided to study Fine Arts in Barcelona, and became passionate about cinema. When he returned to his island, he combined teaching with artistic creations. In 2013, he decided to leave the educational system and try to make a living from sculpture, thus was born La Mathomería. By chance he started working on films as a concept artist and prop sculptor, so in recent years, he has been combining his personal work with participation in international productions, mainly movies.

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