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bekky beukes chaos feeds creativity

Bekky Beukes: chaos feeds creativity

Bekky Beukes is a South African Artist who immigrated to The United States in 2014. In a recent lecture for Creative Mornings, Bekky shared her story of personal struggle and how it lead her into chaos. She then took that chaos and learned how to channel it into her creativity.

Bekky's personal revolution allowed her to explore her own emotions and put them on the canvas. Intrigued by the notion of combining opposite matter, she creates unnatural collaborations between form. Bekky explores the relationship between dark and light, fueled by her fascination with internal and external chaos.

Be ready when the muse arrives

Bekky describes chaos as a muse, as opportunity and as a part of  her productivity. Using her WTF wheel she walks the audience through her creative process. She starts with the muse, turns chaos into fear and anxiety, transforms it into motivation, before the finally arriving at her workflow. Then, the whole process starts over again.


Bekky Beukes exhibits her work in Tampa Bay, Florida. You can learn more on her web page. Follow Bekky on Twitter: @BekkyBeukes and Instagram: @bekkybeukes

Creative Mornings is a free monthly breakfast lecture series designed for creative communities. Lecturers include professional creators, designers, photographers and illustrators. Creative Mornings hosts events in over 180 cities worldwide in 65 countries. Their events are run by approximately 1,500 volunteer organizers.

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