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137° Ceramics Studio in Barcelona

This Ceramics Studio in Barcelona is a community workspace for ceramic artists and pottery students in the PobleNou district.

The ground-floor studio is located on Calle Llull, close to numerous parks and a large selection of cafes, bars and restaurants.

Run by artists, for artists

"Over the years we have worked in ceramic studios in Barcelona as well as in Ireland, England, Romania and Germany. These experiences have helped us to understand what we value the most when we work."

Work spaces

Each workspace includes a personal table, 24/7 access to the studio equipment and infrastructure, a well as personal storage shelves with 5 levels (2m high x 2.30m wide x 0,70 m deep).


The 300m2 studio is complete with an exhibition area, a spacious classroom, glazing area, library and chill-out space, WiFi, kitchen and dining area. Unlimited 24/7 access for artists.


  • slab roller
  • 5 table-top electric wheels
  • two standard electric wheels
  • 3 kilns


The artists at 137° organize collective exhibitions and markets to showcase their latest artwork.


Alongside the co-working area, this studio is a center for clay arts aimed at supporting Barcelona’s humming ceramics scene. Members can explore, develop, and grow together in a comfortable and active environment. Continuous classes and workshops are offered throughout the year.


The 137° Artistic Studio has a friendly, international atmosphere. The small group of artists work on projects both individually and collectively.


  • Personal workspace: 190€/month
  • Personal workspace with a wheel: 240€/month
  • Part-time space with tutoring: 140€/month

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