137° Artistic Studio Art Collection

Featured Art Collection #1: 137° Artistic Studio

In 2018 you will find our first featured art collection at FrikiFish. Featured art collections are rotating compilations of works created by a single artist or group of artists in Barcelona.

The first art collection is comprised of fine art ceramics and jewelry by the group of artists at 137° Artistic Studio in Poble Nou. Named after the golden angle discovered by Fibonacci, this studio reminds us that creating and generating beauty is more than a gift, it is our inner nature.

137° Artistic Studio is a team of six resident artists from different parts of the world who have come together to share work-space, laughs and ideas. They use a range of different techniques and have different styles, while at the same time all are incorporating and discovering the limitless possibilities of clay.

We will post in-depth interviews with each of the artists in the coming weeks.

Artists of 137° Artistic Studio


Amelia Johannsen

Decorative and functional ceramics & sculpture

Amelia started playing with clay at the age of seven in Portland, OR. She has been living and working in Barcelona since 2004 and in 2017 she decided to dedicate herself to artistic endeavors. She  creates both fine art and functional ceramics, incorporating many different styles, materials and methods to her work. This includes wheel-throwing, sculpture and mosaics. All pieces are unique, individually painted and glazed by hand.

Dalia Sofronie

Contemporary ceramics & sculpture

Dalia is a Romanian artist based in Barcelona since 2008. She holds a degree in Decorative Arts (Targu-Mures) and Advertising Design (Cluj-Napoca). She worked for 11 years as an Art Director in various advertising agencies of international renown. Dalia has dedicated herself exclusively to ceramics for the last 6 years, including work as a teacher of hand building and sculpture classes at 137º artistic studio.

Dora Good

Decorative and functional ceramics

Dora comes from a small mountain town called Deia on the island of Mallorca. Dora has been around clay since she was little in her family's ceramic studio. About four years ago she quit her job, bought a wheel and taught herself how to throw. Dora creates unique and one-of-a-kind pieces,the whole process begins and ends with her hands. All of her pieces are made from stoneware clays, and finished with highfire glazes or primitive techniques, such as black firing

Manuel Estévez

Rustic wheel-thrown ceramics

Manuel has been involved in ceramics for more than 20 years. He learned and developed his artistic knowledge in the mall countryside potteries of Ireland, where he lived for more than a decade. He has been based in Barcelona, where he creates and teaches ceramics classes to adults and kids.

Raluka Buzura

Contemporary porcelain jewelry

Trained in ceramics, glass, and metal at the University of Art and Design in Romania, Raluca has focused on contemporary jewelry design since 2009. She is interested in challenging the traditional understanding of jewelry, illuminating it not just as adornment, whose value depends on the materials used, but as art in its own right. Buzura’s work is a translation in porcelain of her personal experiences, the traces of which she seeks to obliterate by blurring the boundary between real and abstract, creating a swirl of textures and shapes from which arise flashes of gold. She sees the result of these experiences as a legacy, a proof of her existence that reflects on society, making it, if not better, at least more beautiful.

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